Salon Consulting

Salon Consulting

My goal is to give you a Creative Salon Makeover that helps you the professional make more money without having to work twice as hard or break the bank!
I have been a successful hairstylist, salon owner, and consultant in 3 states and have over 30 years’ experience in the professional hair industry.

Myself and my team will offer you and your business creative concepts, seminars, and strategies to help you run a successful salon business.

Creative Concepts

First Impressions
You only get one time to make a first impression on a customer. The first impression of your business has much to do with the outer and inner image. You can gain or loss business off this alone.

Is your business image a reflection of what you what your customer to see and think of you?
Is your business inviting and does the appearance match the prices of services?

Retail Your Way to Success
There are 3 important factors to becoming successful in retail- retail environment, attitude, reasons to buy.

Do all the salon team have the right attitude towards the customer using the right product ?
Do we give the customer regular and exciting reasons to buy the products?
Do we have a retail environment that really works for the customer?

Having a well designed and merchandised retail area alone, is not enough! The invisible part of achieving increased retail sales comes from delivering 5 Star Service and communicating, the so called S FACTOR!!!
The 5 Star Service concept takes you and your staff through every step of delivering the S FACTOR to your customers every time they visit the salon, and guarantees that they go home with the right product, as well as looking and feeling like a million dollars.
The 5 Star Service concept is a forward aggressive take on how we currently serve and communicate with our customers.
The 5 Star Service concept will jump start you and your salon team into what works, and what does not work when dealing with customers! Remember, it’s the small things that matter!
The 5 Star Service concept gives you all the tools,
(Tone, Body Language Tips, Roles to Play, When and How, and Meeting their Needs), you will need to develop a great customer service and communication policy in your salon.
Taking Your Salon To The Next Level!


Each of our 3 seminars is designed to empower salon owners and managers to take action that will improve the way they run their salon hence, taking the salon to the next level.
The seminars are split into two sessions, first session will be the practical application and the second session will be the hands exercise of the project delivery. A complete set of support materials are provided for both sessions.

Your Salon Business – Salon Owners /Managers
Branding Your Salon – Salon Owners/Managers
Leading Your Salon – Salon Owners/Managers
All Salon Consulting seminars are priced at $199.00/for first owner/manager $50 for each additional manager or team member.
support services are available with every seminar.

Your Salon Business
This seminar is the starting point for all subsequent Salon Consultant Business Seminars. Here we analyze exactly what is involved in running a successful salon business. This seminar is packed with tons of information and tackles ALL salon issues, including (Leadeship, Finance, Operations, Staff, Marketing and Measurement Systems) around running a successful salon business! This seminar will help develop salon policies that attract and retain a loyal clientele. It also provides step by step guidelines and strategies to get salon owners on the right path. It won’t be easy but it will be rewarding!

Custom Salon Forms $50

Salon Branding
This seminar gets right to the point on What is branding? What is my brand? How do I manage my brand? How do I make my brand a success? And not have to break the bank? All this and much more… believe it or not, you are your brand!

Salon Leadership
This seminar gives you all the power pact information on how to become a great, loved, respected and successful leader. We will pinpoint your natural gifts and talents and fuse them into clear concise leadership structure. It is our most challenging and rewarding seminar. We will guide you on the path to shaping strong, enduring and rewarding relationships with ALL your staff! Remember, leaders are born not made!


Statistics & Analysis
Allow your computer system to build strategies that will create additional income with your current data base.
We work with you to build personalized success driven strategies for your salon’s specific needs.

Salon Marketing
Create effective promotions targeted at your target customers, that will boost your salon income and profit margin.
We work with you to create creative promotions that really create financial increase. All our promotions are designed to your salon’s specific needs.

*Building your ideal clientele
*Creating financial stability.
*Client retention

Product Sourcing
Having the right products for your salon and for your clients, is very important to having financial stability. We help salons source cost-effective equipment and products for themselves as professional hairstylist, and more importantly for their clients! Stocking a multitude of brands works only for those salons that run their retail shops as pure retail shops!
For the vast majority of hairstylist, stocking between 3 and 5 brands is normally enough-
1. To cope with
2. To offer a product choice that will match the needs of all your clients!

Continual education is key to the longevity and success of your business. Our classes educate and inspire your staff which becomes infectious to your client. Happy client happy business!

Cut & Color
Hair Weaving/Extensions
Latest Trends on Styling
We also offer consultancy specific to your salon’s needs.
We look forward to improving the success of you and your business your success”.
Hair’s 2 U,
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